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IELTS academic or general training

Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:45 am


what exactly is the difference is between IELTS academic test and IELSTS general training test? How much harder is the academic test? And does TasTAFE accept general training for enrolment or do I need academic? Or does it depend on the course?


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Re: IELTS academic or general training

Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:24 pm

Hi Tassie Devil,
As a general rule of thumb, if you want to study at University, then you will need to sit the Academic English test. TAFE accepts the General English test. But there are always exceptions. For any study application, you will need to consider three things: 1) the minimum English level required for acceptance into your course, 2) the "threshold" English you will need to apply for your visa (a student visa normally requires the same level of English as the education provider) and 3) the English level required for professional registration and skills assessment. Normally, the skills assessing authority require the highest level of English.

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